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Orgain Organic Protein Powder

Still sharing my favorite products! Thanks so much for your feedback. Even the feedback about how I must be a communist to compare creamy buckwheat with garlic cheese grits! HA! It's my job to provide the light, whether or not it is absorbed is not my concern! TeeHee! I love you all no matter what so keep the comments coming!

I get asked for recommendations on protein powder a lot. I don't use much protein powder because I usually don't have a problem getting my recommended 40g per day except when I'm dieting to lose weight. Then, I try to add a protein shake as my afternoon treat. It is a very filling 75-150 calories and also satisfies my sweet tooth. 

Orgain Organic Protein powder is one of my very favorites because it is plant based and organic. It boasts 21g protein, 5g filling fiber, and only 5g of net carbs with no added sugar. The protein complex is made of pea, rice, chia, and hemp which also provides vital omega 3 fatty acids, phytonutrients like polyphenols, flavonoids, and carotenoids. It has a little calcium and a significant amount of iron. 

Orgain can be added to water or non-dairy milk with ice and blended or shaken. You can get fancy and put it in a blender with almond milk and frozen fruit like banana, strawberries, blueberries, etc. It comes in chocolate or vanilla. I like the vanilla because it goes well with fruit and if I want chocolate I can just add a little cocoa powder to my blend. 

This powder is great for children too because it is very clean. Many protein powders have a ton of mystery chemicals and ingredients, not to mention whey and other allergy and cancer-causing dairy proteins. Just put a scoop or two in their smoothies for breakfast or snacks. It will give them nutrients and fill them up. 

I like to take a scoop of protein powder in an insulated water bottle with ice and water when I go on an all-day shopping trip. It quenches thirst and gives a boost of energy to keep going till all the bargains have been snatched!