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GMO vs Non-GMO

The last time I wrote about this I got some disturbing comments that made me realize I had not made my point. This is a pretty complicated topic, not because it is difficult to understand but because there is SO MUCH MISLEADING INFORMATION about it!

While earning my Masters of Science degree in Horticulture I worked on genetically modifying strawberries. I KNOW what GMO means and how to do it. It is a growing trend in agriculture and as long as money is involved it will continue to grow.  Here are some basics about GMO and Non-GMO you should know.


  • means Genetically Modified Organism
  • GMO food has had gene splicing in a laboratory and is carrying a gene from another organism.
  • There is no way for this form of genetic modification to occur naturally. 
  • GMO food does not occur from breeding and selecting a superior line.
  • Most GMO food is corn, soy, canola oil, or sugar.
  • GMO corn, soy, canola oil and sugar have HUNDREDS of by-products which are added to processed food, drinks, body products, vitamins, and medicines.
  • GMO corn has been shown to have less nutrition than NON-GMO due to genetic manipulation. 
  • Most GMO food is highly contaminated with Roundup. 
  • Predominant uses of Roundup are (greatest to least) post-harvest weed control, pre-sowing and pre-harvest (desiccation), weed prevention among Roundup Ready crops (Soy, rapeseed (canola oil), sugar beets, and corn mostly).
  • Roundup has been linked to Autism, Bee Colony decline, cancer, auto-immune diseases, obesity, and diabetes.
  • Roundup effects the Shikimate pathway in plant life, including the natural bacterial flora of humans.
  • A study of Roundup in urine found more highly concentrated in the chronically ill.
  • Roundup has been found in urine and breast milk of humans.
  • All commercial farm-raised meat is contaminated with Roundup through animal feed.  
  • Eating organic food drastically reduces/eliminates Roundup found in urine and breast milk.


  • Means a food has no genetically modified organisms in it.
  • Used as a misleading marketing tactic for foods that are never genetically modified. 
  • "Organic" label is better than NON-GMO.
  • A food can be labeled "NON-GMO" and still be contaminated with Roundup, other herbicides and pesticides.
  • No GMO wheat exists on the market today (2018) but it has been developed.
  • Wheat (NON-GMO) is heavily sprayed with Roundup. Fields are sprayed before sowing and after harvest. Grain is sprayed pre-harvest. 
  • Don't be fooled by food other than corn, soy, canola oil and sugar that says "NON-GMO". BUY "Organic".
  • If "Organic" is not available don't waste money on NON-GMO unless it is a corn, soy, sugar, or canola oil product or contains them. 
  • Don't buy pre-packaged, processed food. Processed is anything that doesn't look exactly as it grows on the plant/tree.
  • If you MUST buy processed food, ALWAYS READ THE INGREDIENTS LIST!

That is as simple as I can make it. If you want to know more about GMOs and NON-GMOs here is a list of sources.