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I’m reading a great book called Radical Remission by Kelly Turner. She has studied 1000 cases of radical remission from cancer. Her subjects had either completely healed from cancer without any treatment; healed via alternative methods or a combination of orthodox cancer treatment plus alternative measures. She explains the nine things they all have in common. I highly recommend reading it.
Anyhoo…she said it took 50 years of protest and research for the US government to demand a cancer warning label for cigarettes. How long will it take to make the same claims about pesticides, plastics, excess meat and dairy consumption, processed grains, etc.?
It made me reflect on what we believe about our food even though we are told to eat less meat, more fruits and vegetables, and cut out sodas. The real cue for me to write this letter was a commercial for Golden Corral that I saw this week. In bold letters filling the whole TV screen it closed with “Help Yourself to Happiness!”  Really? I yelled at the TV, “THEY SHOULD SAY 'HELP YOURSELF TO DIABETES!’” But, of course, they can’t say that or they would be out of business.
Likewise, beverage makers can’t say:

  • “The caffeine will give you a heart attack or stroke.”
  • “The aspartame will make you fat, lethargic, inarticulate, and give you a pituitary tumor.”
  • “The aluminum leaching from the can will give you Alzheimer’s, cancer, and auto-immune disease.”
  • “The high-fructose corn syrup will give you liver disease, obesity, rotten teeth, and make you an addict.” 

All they’ve got is this:

  • “The un cola”
  • “Freshen up with 7-up:
  • “Bring on the thirst-quencher”
  • “That frosty mug sensation”
  • “The pause that refreshes”
  • “It’s the real thing” 

The dairy industry can’t sell milk and cheese if they say this:

  • “Two servings a day are strongly correlated with prostate cancer.”
  • “The more you drink, the more calcium you leach from your bones and excrete in your urine causing osteoporosis.”
  • “The more you drink the higher your incidence of all types of disease.”
  • “The more you drink the more mucus you make, i.e. snotty nose, sore throat, etc.”
  • “The countries that drink the most are also the countries with the highest rates of hip fracture.”
  • “Milk plus chocolate equals severe teenage acne.” 

So instead they dupe us by saying this:

  • “Got milk?”
  • “Milk life”
  • “What 8g of protein looks like when you are breaking the laws of physics.” (Image of a man upside-down in mid air with giant swirl of milk around him.)
  • “Because every good day starts with milk.”
  • “Nine essential nutrients for one essential body.” (Image of Angelina Jolie with a milk mustache.) 

The beef, pork, fish, and poultry industries don’t want you to know this:

  • “Grilled meat is the number 1 cancer causing food.”
  • “The more you eat the higher your risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, etc., etc.”
  • “If you are a 45-64 year old meat-eating man, your heart disease risk is triple that of a non meat-eater.”
  • “Consumption of cured meats is associated with decreased lung function and increased risk of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).”
  • “There is a correlation between meat consumption and colorectal cancer.”
  • “A study of 45,000 men showed that dietary patterns predict risk of coronary heart disease.”
  • “Heart disease can be eradicated with the elimination of animal products from the diet.”
  • “65% of meat-eaters are overweight.”
  • “33% of meat-eaters are hypertensive and have high cholesterol.”
  • “50% of meat-eaters die prematurely of heart disease.”
  • “50% of meat-eating men develop life-threatening cancer.”
  • “Contains insufficient calcium, fiber, essential fats, and vitamin C to support the health of humans.”
  • “Add lots of stuff to your meat so you will like the taste.” Humans have no taste buds for fat or protein. It’s the sugar and salt in the lettuce, tomato, ketchup, and bun that keep us coming back for more.
  • “Beef-real food for real sexual dysfunction.” Dr. John McDougall reports that high cholesterol and LDL cholesterol associated with meat-eaters are linked to erectile dysfunction and, in older men, enlarged prostate and prostate cancer. 

So they drill this into us instead:

  • “Beef, it’s what’s for dinner.”
  • “Beef, real food for real people.”
  • “Pork, the other white meat.”
  • “Finger-lickin’ good.”
  • “We believe in a better chicken.”
  • “Bringing families together.”
  • “Chicken is our universe.”
  • “Trust the Gorton’s fisherman.”
  • “Hebrew National. We answer to a higher calling.”
  • “Wendy’s old fashioned hamburgers.”
  • “Delicious food to fit your lifestyle.”
  • “Eat fresh.” 

Junk food makers can’t say:

  • “We’ve loaded this with MSG and artificial flavors so you will be addicted and not like the taste of any real food.”
  • “We added MSG so you will have excitotoxicity and resulting mental disorders.”
  • “Give this to your children and they will have impaired brain development.”
  • “We used ingredients that taste great because they have been stripped of all natural nutrition.”
  • “Don’t read the ingredient list or you will know there is nothing real or whole in this.”
  • “We put the words “All Natural” on front to make you think it’s health food.” 

The ads look just like the milk, beef, and soda adds:

  • “Eat all you want. We’ll make more.”
  • “The loudest taste on earth.”
  • “It ain’t easy bein’ cheesey.”
  • “Cheese that goes ‘crunch’.”
  • “Golden Sponge Cake with Creamy Filling.”
  • “Snickers Satisfies”
  • “Break-time, anytime”
  • “Betcha can’t eat just one”
  • “Gluten Free”
  • “Give your family a reason to shine this summertime”
  • “Spread Love, Share Happiness, Send a Smile”
  • “It’s Crunch Time”

We are exposed to these words with accompanying images of juicy burgers, fries, shakes, donuts, bacon, etc. hundreds of times a day. The truth about these foods is out there but it is smothered by all the advertisement and marketing campaigns from the USDA, Kraft, Coke, Tyson, Perdue, Swift, General Mills, and hundreds of other food producers. If you want more information to fortify your resistance to these poisonous foods, subscribe to these websites and you will receive newsletters and healthy recipes in your inbox.
Here’s my new slogan, “Eat with your head, not your mouth.”
All the best,

Hosea 4:6
"my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge."

Food Industry Deception