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My Covid Diary and Virus Treatment Kit

Hi Friends!

This letter is long overdue. I’m so sorry! So many have written for info on treating Covid that I needed to send this out to everyone so I can just refer people to for the info. 

My Covid Diary

In November of 2020, my friend Kay came to lunch at my house. Said she had a headache. I went to her house for lunch the next day and she said she thought she had a sinus infection. Kay is 70 and hadn’t even been to Walmart in 8 months. She had just been to see her sister and brother-in-law, also in their 70’s. Her brother-in-law complained of a sinus infection as well. By the third day after seeing me, Kay ran a 1-degree fever. On the fourth day, her husband made her get Covid tested and it was positive. The next day, day five after exposure, I got tested. I took a saliva test and would not get the results for 2-3 business days. I started my anti-viral protocol that day. I thought that I may have a stuffy nose but thought it could also be psychosomatic or allergy. Here is what I did:

For the first 24hrs, nebulized hydrogen peroxide 3% solution diluted to .1% for 10 minutes about 6 times. I discontinued it because my friend Kay needed it. I started it back around day 10 for another 24hrs. Didn’t do it further because I had no symptoms.
See chart for dilution here:

I drank as much ginger tea as I could. Some with fresh ginger steeped in water and some with two ginger tea bags per mug of water. I added lemon and honey to taste. 

I took a teaspoon or two of elderberry syrup about 4x a day.

Here are the supplements relative to immunity I was already taking before I was exposed:

  • Vitamin C 2,000mg/day
  • Vitamin D3 25,000iu/2x week
  • Vitamin B complex
  • Zinc 50mg/day
  • Selenium 200mg/day
  • Melatonin 5mg/night
  • Probiotic
  • Magnesium glycinate 200mg 2x day

Supplements I took for 10 days following exposure:

  • Vitamin C 10,000mg the first day. 5,000mg in the first dose then 5 more doses of 1,000 the rest of the day. The following days 5-6,000mg per day for 10 days. Liposomal Vitamin C is best. It gives a higher blood level without GI upset. 
  • Vitamin D3 continued
  • Vitamin B complex continued
  • Zinc 100mg
  • Selenium 200mg continued
  • Melatonin 10mg
  • Probiotic continued
  • Quercetin 250mg 2x day. Very important as it is a zinc ionophore that transports zinc into the cells to kill viruses.
  • L-lysine 1,000mg 2x day. Anti-viral.
  • Magnesium Glycinate 200mg 2x day. Vital for ATP production. Most of us are deficient. 
  • Colloidal Silver spray 10-20 sprays orally per day 

My first test had confusing results so I had a second rapid test that was positive. I took it 10 days after exposure and still only had a slight runny nose. I had to blow my nose about 5x a day. It was very slight. I also lost my taste and smell on day 10 after exposure. It didn’t come back fully for about 2 months. Also, I had diarrhea about 4 times on day 10 or 11 for just that day. Otherwise, I was walking about 2.5-3 miles per day and had no other ill effects. 

I was very fortunate to know exactly when and where I was exposed. It was also fortunate that I had already purchased the portable nebulizer, supplements, tea, etc. to use at the very beginning. These supplements etc. are safe to do for a few days even if there are no symptoms. They can be used for any virus or suspected exposure for 5-10 days. 

Covid is here to stay. For other prophylactic and early treatment options, read more here: